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  • How long is a Bulldog Birthday Party?
    The birthday parties run for a total of 2 hours. On average an hour and 15 min is spent playing within the facility and 45min is spent in our party room for food, cake, presents, etc.
  • What time can we arrive for the party?
    Guest can arrive 10 minutes before the party.
  • What should my child wear before attending the party?
    Please try to have all of the children come in appropriate footwear with non-scuffing soles; running shoes and socks! Closed toe shoes are required for the climbing wall. Heely’s, flip flops or Crocs are not acceptable footwear. Kids should wear gym appropriate clothing; i.e. track pants, shorts, t-shirts, comfy stuff.
  • Can we ask for the kids to play longer than the hour and 15 minutes?
    Yes. If you wish for the children to play longer, please ask the staff for the change.
  • How many adults can attend the party?
    Our parties are for the children so we have a maximum of 6 adults that can attend.
  • What games can the children play?
    Bulldog offers a wide variety of games and activities the birthday child can choose from. For our public, glow in the dark and private parties, they can choose from soccer, capture the flag, ball hockey, cross Canada, basketball, volleyball, dance party, dodgeball, etc. Ultimately it is up to the Birthday child on what they wish to play or do. If you decide to do a Nerf Party, they are limited to just playing Nerf because the gym will be set up with barriers.
  • Can parents play with the children?
    No, parents cannot play with the children. However the parents of the birthday child are allowed to be with the kids. Additional parents are encouraged to stay in the party room and not to be using the equipment.
  • Can we decorate the room?
    Yes you can decorate the room. If anything needs to be hung on the wall, please ask a staff member for assistance.
  • Can we bring our own food?
    Yes, you can bring any food and drinks you want as long as it is nut free.
  • Is there a fridge we can use to store cold items?
    Yes. Please inform the staff if you wish to use the fridge so that they can make sure that there is space available.
  • What does a deluxe include? Do I need to tell you what each child wants for pizza?
    The deluxe includes 2 slices of pizza and a small slushie for each child. No, we will ask each child the day of what kind of pizza and slushie they want and order it accordingly.
  • If we need a utensil such as a knife or spoon, can we grab it from the drawers?
    No. Please do not help yourselves. If you need something, please inform the staff so that they can assist you. Failure to do so will result in a $40 extra fees.
  • Can the children come back out to play after they are done in the Party Room?
    No. Once the children has entered the Party Room for food and presents, they will not be able to come back out to play. If you wish for them to have longer time to play, please inform the staff and they will extend the activity time.
  • Are we able to stay longer than the time we booked?
    No. You must be ready to vacate the party room at the end of the time so that staff will be available to do the clean up for the next party scheduled. There is a fee for extensive overtime usage.
  • Do you make invites? What do they look like?
    Yes, upon request we can make invites for you free and send it to you via email. Here is an example:
  • When is drop off and pick up time?
    Drop off time is between 8-9am and pick up is between 4-5pm.
  • What if I need an earlier drop off or a later pick up time?
    We offer extended care hours between 7-8am or 5-6pm for an additional $5 per hour. Please inform us ahead of time if you need extended care.
  • What if I need to drop of my child later or need to pick up earlier?
    Not a problem. Just inform the staff when you will be in.
  • What do we do when our child is unable to attend?
    Please contact us by either calling or emailing so that we know that your child is away.
  • If my child is sick, do we get a refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for unsuspecting absences unless there are other parents waiting for a spot in our program. Refunds are only available one week in advance.
  • What do the children do during the day?
    At Bulldog, we offer a wide variety of games and activities for your children to choose from. We have a gymnasium where the children will play games, sports and activities. Our Party Room allows us space to do crafts as well as board games and toys. We also have an outdoor area for the children to play in and get that fresh air.
  • What do my child/ren bring to Bulldog camps?
    Your child should have: - Indoor shoes - Weather appropriate clothing - Extra clothes - A lunch for 2 snack breaks and a lunch break - A water bottle
  • How much is a pizza lunch and what comes with it?
    A pizza lunch cost $6.50 per child and it comes with 2 slices of pizza, either pepperoni or cheese, and a juice box.
  • If I buy the pizza lunch, do I need to prepare any other snacks?
    Yes. Pizza lunch only covers the lunch. Your child will still need snacks.
  • If my child wants snack bar money, how much should I give them. Who or where should I put their money?
    All of our items are between $0.75-2.50. On average a child will spend 2.50 for 2 items which is perfect for them. Also, you can either have the child keep their money in their bag or give the money to the staff so that they can place it at the snack bar counter.
  • How do I register my child for a Bulldog Camp?
    First you must fill out the appropriate registration form (either general or summer camp) and send it to us via email or by dropping in ASAP. Your child will NOT be registered until we have the form. Then, upon receiving the form, we will add your child to the list. We will then need a form of payment which can be either etransfer, credit card information, post dated cheques or in person. Payment must be provide 1 week before program or else your child will be removed from the list.
  • If I want to pay by etransfer, where do I send it?
    You will send it to our email:
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